Apple gives iWork collaboration features

Apple demonstrated real-time collaboration for iWork docs in a move that catches the office suite up with a bevy of other rivals already in the field.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Image: Apple

Apple updated its iWork app to offer real-time collaboration.

The takeaway here is that Apple's iWork is now catching up to a bunch of collaborative office suites such as Google Apps as well as Microsoft Office. Another takeaway is that perhaps Apple is taking its office suite more seriously as an enterprise play.

At the Apple iPhone launch, Apple walked through a demo showing collaboration through a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or the web. Apple devices are increasingly making headway in corporations, and iWork, positioned more as a play for the education, could serve as some connective tissue.

During a demo, Susan Prescott, vice president of worldwide apps marketing, said:

"iWork is all about making beautiful and engaging documents. For people who want the power of iWork, there is a great way to work with colleagues or classmates to work together."

The collaboration demo was so-so and nothing that hasn't been seen before elsewhere. However, Apple is giving iWork some love that may work in businesses.

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