Unreleased gold iPhone X leaks thanks to the FCC

All gold everything: Did Apple ditch this color before the iPhone X's September release?
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

An unreleased version of the iPhone X in gold color has leaked, thanks to a FCC filing. The Apple filing has the apparent gold iPhone X in photos from multiple angles, its included features, and dimensions.

The leaked iPhone photos also show gold sides, as opposed to silver on current iPhone X models. 9to5mac found:

The photo annotations do include reference to an 'LCD display', which is a little strange as the iPhone X uses an OLED panel. Other than that, it resembles an iPhone X in every way ... in a never-before-seen color.

Apple's unreleased gold iPhone X: in pictures

The Apple photos filed in September are now in public view thanks to a six month confidentially clause with the FCC. They hit the same day Apple released a red version of the iPhone 8, and a leaked memo showing fury from Apple execs over employee leaks.

Last year, Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities anticipated a gold iPhone ahead of the September iPhone X release. However, the analyst noted at the time some production issues were occurring. The iPhone X, released in September, is currently available in silver and black offerings.

It wasn't long ago we also heard more rumors about a gold iPhone from Apple. However, there's no indication Apple is planning a gold iPhone release any time soon.

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