Apple to hold iPad Pro event on Oct. 30 in New York

The company is expected to announce new iPad models and possibly update its MacBook lineup.

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Apple has more in the making, according to an invite sent out to members of the press on Thursday.

The company will hold a special event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in the Howard Gilman Opera House on Oct 30. The event will start at 10 am EST.

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It's been expected that Apple would host another event this year, following the iPhone event in early September. During the upcoming event, the company will likely announce revamped iPad Pro models, which are rumored to include Apple's Face ID technology and a display that goes nearly edge to edge.

Image: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Other possible announcements include updates to the Mac line, with perhaps a revamped MacBook Air, and a Mac Mini A new Apple Pencil, and an appearance of Apple's wireless charging pad, the AirPower, are also products we might see.

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