Apple to US users: Here's how you can now see what personal data we hold on you

Apple's privacy tools now go beyond Europe, so more now get to download the personal data it has collected.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Apple customers in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can now download a copy of all the personal data Apple holds on them that's linked to an Apple ID.

The move brings the four countries in line with Europe, where Apple began offering a simpler way to download a copy of user data in May, just before the EU's strict GDPR privacy legislation came into effect.

Under GDPR, EU residents have the right to obtain a copy of data a company holds about them.

They can also withdraw previously given consent for a company to collect data about them and request that collected data be deleted. And consumers have the right to take data to another service, as well as to know how a company is processing it.

Microsoft in May similarly extended the privacy features it made available for Europeans under GDPR to all users outside the EU.

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To find Apple's privacy tools, sign in to your Apple ID account page on a Mac, PC, or iPad. Then scroll down to Data and Privacy and select 'Manage your data'.

You can request a copy of all data from the App Store, iTunes, Apple ID account and device information, Apple retail store activity, Apple Care support history, iCloud bookmarks, calendar information, contacts, notes, and more.

You can also request iCloud Drive files, iCloud Mail, and iCloud Photos, but these could take a while to download due to their size. The files don't include actual purchased iTunes content as this information isn't considered personal data.

The page also has links to request that Apple corrects your data, deactivates your account, and permanently deletes your account.

Apple plans to extend the tools to users in other countries in coming months. Until then, these users can still contact Apple via its legal page to request of copy personal data held by Apple.

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