Apple Watch Series 2: New features

Here's what's new in the Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Here's what's new for Apple's smartwatch.

  • First, a new name. It's not the Apple Watch 2, but instead Apple Watch Series 2.
  • It's waterproof to 50 meters -- making it a true swim watch.
  • It features a new waterproof speaker which vibrates at the end of a workout to drain the water from the speaker.
  • The silicon has also seen an upgrade to a dual-core processor which is 50 percent faster, and a GPU that's twice as fast as the GPU in the original Apple Watch (which has been renamed Apple Watch Series 1).
  • There's a new ceramic offering, which is harder than stainless steel.
  • Prices start at $369
  • For the fashion conscious there are new Hermes bands.
  • For the fitness conscious, there's a new Apple Watch Series 2 Nike + edition which will ship late October.
  • Apple Watch Series 1 will see the CPU boosted to a dual-core part, and prices start at $269.
  • Pre-orders start September 9, with devices shipping September 13.

Interestingly, no mention of an upgraded all gold edition Apple Watch. Also, no word on battery life.

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