​Apple's iOS grabs share in regulated industries in Q1

Good Technology finds that iPhone 6 is lifting Apple's iOS in the enterprise, but the tablet market is diversifying.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Apple's iOS continues to gain share on Android in the enterprise amid the surge in iPhone 6 devices and the momentum is picking up in regulated industries, according to data from Good Technology.

Good, an enterprise mobility management vendor, said that iOS accounted for 72 percent of enterprise activations in the first quarter and 81 percent in tablets.

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Meanwhile, iOS represented a higher level of activations in regulated industries such as government, education and financial services. Apple's iOS had 83 percent share in education, 80 percent in public sector and 76 percent share in financial services.


Android had its best showing in less regulated industries such as high-tech where it had 47 percent share, according to Good's Mobility Index Report.

Among other key findings:

  • Custom app development has surged in select industries. For instance, 34 percent of all apps activated in the insurance industry are custom built.
  • Business and professional services had 64 percent of their apps revolving around content editing, access and secure browsing.
  • 47 percent of apps activated in manufacturing revolved around secure browsers to access intranets and Web apps.
  • Apple's 81 percent of tablet activations in the first quarter was down from 92 percent a year ago.

Windows had 4 percent of the enterprise tablet market in the fourth quarter. Windows tablets were strong in retail with 5 percent share.

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