Apple's new MacBook Pro could feature Touch ID, OLED touch strip

While not expected until later this year, Apple is rumored to have big updates in store for its flagship notebook.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Apple is planning a thinner MacBook Pro in its first update to the laptop in four years.

Bloomberg reports the new MacBook Pro will feature a thin, OLED screen above the keyboard to provide a set of function keys that will cater to OS X's gesturing power users.

Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint scanner on the iPhone and iPad, will also be introduced to the MacBook in the new update. Like on the iOS line, Touch ID on the MacBook Pro is reportedly encrypted into the main chip, rather than stored in the cloud where it could be more susceptible to hackers. 9to5mac reports the Touch ID button could be integrated into the MacBook Pro's power button.

Apple is also said to update the graphics processor, making a more powerful version available from AMD.

Exact dimensions of the thinner notebook weren't shared, but it's said to not taper like the MacBook Air. The new MacBook Pro will also have a wider trackpad and USB-C.

It's not clear when Apple will release the new MacBook Pro, though Bloomberg says the updated notebook has been in advanced testing at Apple since early 2016. It's not expected to be discussed at Apple's rumored September 7 iPhone event, as it's likely due sometime later this year.

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