BackBlaze unlocks 1 exabyte of stored data

Think you have a lot of data? Backblaze stores and manages the equivalent of more than 10 million copies of Avengers Endgame in 4K UltraHD.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Cloud storage form Backblaze, a company started life when its five founders came together to build their own cloud in a Palo Alto apartment in 2007, now stores and manages 1 exabyte of data.

That's a lot of data. So much so it's hard to get your head around it, and it's hard to put it into some sort of perspective without using smaller numbers that are themselves still huge.

What does 1 exabyte of data look like?

  • The data equivalent to more than 10 million copies of Avengers Endgame in 4K UltraHD
  • The data storage equivalent of 15.5+ million average smartphones
  • More than 125,000 hard drives spinning in data centers around the world

See what I mean about the smaller numbers themselves being huge.

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The 125,000 hard drives are housed in more than 2,000 Storage Pods, each consisting of 45 or 60 hard drives in a 4U sized server made from commercially available parts.

Backblaze's architecture offers 99.9% availability and durability calculated at 11 nines, making it a good choice for those who care about their data.

The company protects more than 2.5 million devices, and it's a service I've been using now for many years, and it's worked flawlessly. The backup client is also well built, offers amazing functionality, and Backblaze take privacy seriously and offer high levels of encryption for user's data.

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