BeReal introduces official accounts to welcome your fave celebs and brands

Have a celebrity you'd like to see on BeReal? Now, you can let the company know.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Getty Images/NurPhoto/Contributor

BeReal's claim to fame has been its mission to bring authenticity back to social media by making users post spontaneous, unfiltered photos. Until now, the app has let you enjoy candid posts from your friends. But what if you could see authentic photos of your favorite celebrities, too?

On Wednesday, BeReal announced the global launch of "RealPeople" and "RealBrands", which are official BeReal accounts for your favorite celebrities and brands. 

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The feature will launch on February 6 and you will be able to add some of "your favorite celebrities and brands" to your BeReal. 

The company teased that you can expect to see many cool people and brands, but you'll have to wait until the launch date to find out who.

The launch of RealBrands and RealPeople means notable businesses and individuals, such as actors, athletes, and musicians, will be able to share unfiltered, unedited, and unscripted moments with their community, like you can with your friends on the BeReal app. 

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BeReal says the addition of celebrities and brands still fits with the app's mission of authenticity because it will allow audiences to see behind the scenes of notable figures' everyday lives. 

"We believe that by showing that notable people and brands are people just like us -- equally boring and interesting at different times -- we help reset and improve some of the negativity that comes from social platforms," said BeReal in the release. 

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To qualify for a RealBrand or RealPeople account, you have to apply. BeReal makes it clear that the process is selective and not everyone will get an account. The application can be found in your BeReal timeline within the app, as seen below. 

BeReal in app survey

BeReal will keep adding RealPeople to the app after the February 6 lauch date. The company is giving the public a chance to share who they'd like to see on the app via a survey, which is also accessible from your in-app timeline. 

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