50+ Cyber Monday tech deals from Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and more

Black Friday is out and Cyber Monday is in. We've rounded up the very best tech deals from major retailers available right now.

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Update: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 are done and dusted, so the deals below are no longer valid. Check out our ZDNet Recommends hub for a better look at the latest deals available or ZDNet's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide hub for recommendations on gifts for all.

If you missed out on the door-busting deals of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is here to satisfy your shopping needs. To make your holiday shopping a little more effortless, we've curated a list of the most up-to-date and bang-for-your-buck deals on tech this Cyber Monday, including sales on iPhones, TVs, speakers, headphones, laptops, and more. The best part? You can buy them right now.

Best TV deals

Hisense 70'' Class A6G 4K TV for $549.99

$300 off


A great value option if you're in the market for a big-screen panel is the Hisense 70'' Class A6G 4K TV. Now for just $549.99 ($300 off), you get all the bells and whistles of a modern smart TV, including built-in Google voice assistance, streaming services pre-installed, and a superb 4K panel.

Amazon 65'' Fire TV Omni Series for $599.99

$230 off


Not too long ago, Amazon introduced its premium tier of Fire TVs, the Omni Series. For a little more than the 4-series, the Omni TVs bring Dolby Vision support, larger options (65'' and 75''), and support a wider range of Alexa controls. Still, Amazon has all sizes of the 2021 TV on sale, including the 65'' model for just $599.99 ($230 off).

Insignia 55'' Class F30 4K TV for $299.99

$250 off


Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday has a healthy selection of TV deals. For a limited time, Best Buy has its Insignia 55'' Class F30 Series 4K TV discounted to $299.99 ($250 off). For the price, you get a decently-sized 55'' inch 4K panel, smart features including Fire TV, and all the slots you need -- three HDMI, one USB, and even an Ethernet port. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more capable TV for less than $300.

Hisense 43'' Class 1080 Roku Smart TV for $198

$50 off


Not everyone is shopping for a TV that fills up the entire side of a room -- some just want a panel that can sit atop a drawer, or fit in a dorm. Enter the Hisense 43'' Roku Smart TV. It's not the flashiest of the bunch but gets the job done for casual viewing, with a 1080p resolution, built-in Roku streaming, and an affordable $198 price tag.

Other TV deals to note

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Best phone deals

OnePlus 9 Pro 256GB for $899.99

$170 off


At launch, the OnePlus 9 Pro -- though stocked with flagship features and hardware, was hard to justify buying at $1,069. If you've been on the fence, Amazon has a deal that may finally get you off of it. For a limited time, the retailer has the OnePlus 9 Pro at just $899.99 ($170 off). That puts the handheld neck and neck with the newly released Google Pixel 6 Pro. The device comes unlocked, 5G-ready, and with 256GB of onboard storage.

Google Pixel 6 128GB for $499

Up to $100 off


Google just launched the Pixel 6 lineup, and we had a lot to say about it. Most of it, though, was good. With its foray into the premium market again, Google made some notable hardware improvements to the Pixel 6 lineup, including a polarizing camera module, a glass build, and higher refresh rates (120Hz on the Pro model). Still, the company managed to nerf the pricing of the phone, starting at just $599.

If that price tag wasn't compelling enough for you, Best Buy currently has the Pixel 6 selling for $499 (if you activate a line at the store or online), or $549 off-contract.

Google Pixel 5a 5G 128GB for $399

$50 off


The Google Pixel 5a 5G is not a high-end device -- and that's fine. The device is perfect for those who seek a clean, stock Android experience, timely software updates, excellent battery life, and 5G support. All of that, priced at a Black Friday-low of $399 makes the Pixel 5a 5G a steal of a phone, period. And I haven't even mentioned Google's software fix-ins yet, including call screening, computational photography, and more.

OnePlus 8T 5G 256GB for $499.99

$100 off


Remember when Apple said, "5G just got real"? Well, it certainly has, especially in the mid-range phone market. For less than $500, you can pick up a OnePlus 8T 5G and reap the benefits of 5G speeds. However, you shouldn't buy the phone simply because it supports the network. For the discounted price, you get a smooth 120Hz display, fast performance, and even faster charging. It also comes with 256GB of internal storage -- a great feat for gamers and photographers.

Other phone deals to note

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Best gaming console deals

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle for $299.99

In stock


The Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe edition is nothing new. But, the two-year-old bundle continues to make for a doorbuster deal every holiday season thanks to its limited supply and great value. For the sale price of $299.99, you're essentially getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for free, along with a three-month membership of Nintendo Switch Online.

Free $50 Target e-Gift Card with Oculus Quest 2 purchase

In stock


The Oculus Quest 2 sits at the top of our best VR and AR headsets list, and with its recent price drop to $299 for the 128GB model, the deal can only get sweeter at Target. With a headset purchase, the retailer will bundle in a $50 e-gift card for you to spend on other Cyber Monday goodies.

Best wireless earbuds and headphone deals

Apple AirPods Pro for $179.99

$70 off

Apple AirPods Pro

Possibly the cheapest we'll be seeing the Apple AirPods Pro, Amazon currently has the active noise-canceling earbuds going for just $179.99 ($70 off). These are arguably the best wireless earbuds you can buy, whether you're an audiophile or not. It's the earbud to buy for family, friends, coworkers, or yourself if you want excellent sound quality, a secure and comfortable fit, and all the Apple magic when paired to an iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for $79

$70 off


You don't have to pay a premium to get excellent audio when it comes to wireless earbuds. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, now for just $79 ($70 off), makes for the perfect Cyber Monday treat to yourself, or a stocking stuffer come Christmas. ZDNet's Jason Cipriani reviewed the earbuds when first released and labelled them as the go-to for Android users or those who weren't a fan of Apple's AirPods.

Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds for $248

$32 off


Luckily, you don't have to settle for Apple's AirPods Pro if you want premium wireless earbuds. The Sony WF-1000XM4 is a mouthful of branding but packs just as much through audio quality and features. It's argued by many to produce the best sound of its competition. And now, you can buy a pair for yourself at a discounted price of $248 ($31.99 off).

Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones for $248

$102 off


Competing against the Bose QuietComfort 45 is the Sony WH-1000XM4. When ZDNet's Matthew Miller reviewed the premium headphones, he praised the device for its stunning audio performance, immersive active noise-cancellation, and extensive battery life -- among other positives. To summarize, the headphones from Sony "make the world better through a flawless music listening experience." You can snag a pair for yourself for only $248 ($102 off) at Best Buy.

Other headphones and earbuds deals


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Best laptop deal

ASUS 11.6'' Chromebook for $109

$110 off


Act fast, because for a limited time, you can pick yourself up an ASUS 11.6'' Chromebook for just $109 at Best Buy. The $110 off device is no MacBook Pro, but gets the job done if you want a laptop for browsing, emailing, or holiday shopping. It comes with an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC memory, but most importantly, a $109 price tag. That may be enough to convince anyone to hit the buy button.

Apple MacBook Air M1 (2020, 13'') for $899

$100 off


The MacBook Air has always been a go-to option for most consumers, especially students. So when Apple upgraded its 2020 model with an in-house M1 Chip and buffed the battery life, it became a no-brainer for any best laptops lists. Now, the 13-inch model can be yours for just $899 ($100 off). For the price, you get 256GB of built-in storage and a sleek-looking design.

Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Laptop for $1,349.99

$400 off


Typically, 2-in-1 laptops are underwhelming as manufacturers put half of the effort towards the touch screen interface and another half towards the traditional laptop design. Lenovo's Yoga series, however, sets itself apart with a robust experience on both ends. The latest Yoga 9i 14 laptop is an excellent offering at $1,349.99 ($400 off), with a built-in Intel Evo Platform Core i7, 512GB SSD, and Windows 11. And of course, you get the timeless 360-degree flip-and-fold design.

More tech deals

LG UltraGear 27'' 144Hz Gaming Monitor for $199.99

$130 off


Want a gaming monitor that won't break the bank? For a limited time, you can buy the LG UltraGear 27'' IPS monitor for just $199.99 ($130 off). That's right -- this monitor typically goes for more than $300 and with good reason. It sports a large 27'' panel that can refresh up to 144Hz and supports NVIDIA G-SYNC for little to no latency when gaming.

Bissell SpinWave wet and dry robotic vacuum for $299.99

$100 off


Robot vacuums on the market today can also include mop features and the Bissell model SpinWave model is one of them. This product is able to vacuum your floors and carpets as well as scrub and mop floors. A sensor ensures that carpets are not touched in mopping mode.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm) for $179

$220 off


You don't have to fork out $300 or more for a premium smartwatch. Try $180. For a limited time, Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm) on sale for just that. At the price, you get most, if not all, of the benefits of a competitive smartwatch: ECG monitoring, health tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, and waterproofing. The watch is listed in both Mystic Bronze and Mystic Silver colorways -- though I'm personally a fan of the former.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Bundle for $79.99

$20 off + free charger


Whether you're a fitness expert or just getting started, BJ's currently has the Garmin Vivosmart 4 on sale for $79.99 ($20 off). The smart fitness watch comes in a sleek, black design and bundled with a bonus charger. It's also water-resistant, making it the perfect fitness pal in the rain.