Big Brother Files: Monday

Through the ZDNet keyhole on Monday...

Innocent chickens are forced into the corrupt world of gambling with Ladbrokes offering odds of one to four that one of them will be supper before the first eviction, or live to star in Chicken Run 2!

Meanwhile, a division is forming along gender lines within the Big Brother household. Girlie late-night chats are becoming something of a regular occurrence on the common theme of whether women make better lovers than men. Sada, author of 'The Babes Bible', admits that she is "bi-curious", whilst ex-nun Anna confesses to fancying them all. Is the pressure of twenty-four hour surveillance finally getting to them?

Life under the Big Brother web cam is causing paranoia amongst certain members of the household. Andy suspects the girls of having a secret stash of sacred loo roll, whilst Nicholas accuses Big Brother of deliberately smashing his precious pottery pieces (for which they received a consolation box of fruit). Mel is also feeling the pressure of 'the eye', and has asked for a task to give her something to focus her 'nervous energy' on.

After exhausting Jenga and Pontoon, the household choose porn names based on pets and mothers' maiden names--Rocky Everett, Lady Walton and Miffy Duncan being the lead actors.

Housemates make their secret vote tonight for the first eviction. Ladbrokes have suspended betting, with Nicholas standing on evens.

Stay tuned for ZDNet's Big Brother News Special.

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