CES 2020 is more than TVs and smart toothbrushes: Tech pros and CIOs should watch these three trends

Technology professionals shouldn't be distracted by the big TVs and robots at CES; the real innovation happens behind the curtain with the enterprise tech powering all those 'smart' consumer gadgets.
Written by Bill Detwiler, Contributor

Each January, over 150,000 people from all over the world converge on Las Vegas for the year's biggest show in tech...CES. And today's CES is as much a showcase for the latest business technology as it is for new consumer electronics.

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Enterprise technologies like AI, data analytics, IoT, and 5G underpin all the gadgets, smart devices, and autonomous vehicles that are on display during the show. So as always, ZDNet and TechRepublic will have CES covered from all the angles that matter for businesses and professionals. At CES 2020, there are three big trends that tech pros and CIOs should pay attention to:

1. 5G

5G has been a hot topic for the last two years and has rolled out in limited areas. 2020 will be the year we begin to see 5G come to consumer devices at scale and become a force for digital transformation in the enterprise. 5G promises speeds 10 to 100 times faster than 4G, ultra-low latency, and the ability to connect dramatically more devices to the internet than existing networks. These next-generation mobile networks will push forward the evolution of technologies like autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, data analytics, and telemedicine.

2. Analytics, AI, and the Cloud

Second are the three big enterprise technologies that actually put the smarts in all those smart TVs, smart home gadgets, and smart health devices on the show floor -- analytics, artificial intelligence, and the cloud. Whether you're a CIO, IT worker, developer, or business professional, we all need to understand how these technologies are being used in consumer products and how our they will affect our companies, our communities, and our careers.

3. Accelerated consumerization of IT through smart tech

Third, and finally, is the rapid and dramatic acceleration in the consumerization of IT, particularly when it comes to smart office tech. Whether it's smart TVs in our conference rooms, new laptops, tablets, or foldable phones that might be perfect for mobile workers, voice-enabled apps used by our sales teams, or AI-driven health tech designed to improve employee wellness, CES is the perfect place to see a lot of the consumer tech that will eventually make its way into our workplaces.

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