CES 2020: Withings ScanWatch will feature ECG and sleep apnea detection

The latest smartwatch from Withings is the first to alert users of potential Afib events and detect sleep apnea.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Withings smartwatches are known for their long battery life and sleek design, and the recently announced ScanWatch follows that same approach. However, when the ScanWatch launches later this year, it will be the first device from the company with the ability to take an ECG reading and monitor for potential sleep apnea. 

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Similar to the Apple Watch, ScanWatch will monitor the user's heart rate and alert them if an irregular heartbeat is detected. The user can then take an ECG reading using the three built-in electrodes, located on the side of the watch's bezel. The real-time reading and results are viewable in the Withings Health Mate app. 

Additionally, ScanWatch will also monitor for sleep apnea using a SpO2 sensor. Users will get daily reports with apneic episodes and oxygen saturation to help identify any potential issues. 

The ScanWatch does all of that and still provides battery life of an estimated 30-days -- something that no other smartwatch can compete with today. Although, the ScanWatch is more of a hybrid smartwatch that has a small PMOLED display that shows clips of information and alerts, instead of a larger display than competing devices have. 

Withings is currently waiting for CE and FDA approval before ScanWatch can launch, but the company expects that to happen during the second quarter of 2020. There will be two models of ScanWatch, a 38mm version will cost $249, while the 42mm model will set you back $299.

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