​CES: Samsung and Harman unveil new automotive solution

Samsung and Harman have unveiled a digital cockpit and a telematics solution at CES. The South Korean tech giant also launched its DRVLINE platform for OEMs and MaaS providers in the autonomous driving space.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung and Harman's Digital Cockpit. Image: Samsung

Samsung Electronics has introduced its DRVLINE platform aimed at OEMs and mobility as a service (MaaS) providers in autonomous driving markets.

At CES, the company also showed off new automotive solutions that it is offering with its subsidiary Harman.

DRVLINE is claimed to be an open, modular, and scalable hardware and software platform that will allow vendors to collaborate and customise freely, instead of adopting a particular, forced technology.

It offers in-car compute for levels 3 to 5 automation and a new ADAS -- Advanced Driver Assistance System -- forward-facing camera system, designed with Harman.

A new ADAS product that uses the platform will feature lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and pedestrian warning algorithms. It is set to begin shipping this year.

Samsung and Harman also unveiled a new Digital Cockpit platform that offers an in-car screen that can display vital vehicle information and features. It also has a premium, mutli-display layout with Android OS powering four displays.

The companies are also jointly developing a 5G telematics solution that comes with a control unit with modular design that will provide high-resolution streaming and cloud-based applications in vehicles.

Samsung bought Harman for $8 billion last year and has since created a joint automotive strategic business unit. The South Korean tech giant has established a $300 million automotive innovation fund.

The company has also collaborated with Harman in Cinema LED by using the latter's sound system.

Samsung has also unveiled its new modular 146-inch MicroLED TV at the trade show.

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