Check out all these new features coming to Android

The Google Keep note-taking app is getting an upgrade, as Google rolls out a package of new Android features.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer
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Soon, Google Keep will be easier to use on your smartphone, and you'll be able to access the note-taking app with new shortcuts for your Wear OS smartwatch. 

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Google announced the updates on Monday, along with a series of other new Android features and upgrades designed to improve connectivity, productivity and accessibility.

google keep single note widget

First, to help you keep track of your notes and check off to-do lists, Google is adding a Google Keep "single note" widget that you can add to your homescreen. It will display reminders, background colors and images added to notes from the Keep app, and it also syncs with your smartwatch.

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Additionally, Wear OS -- the version of Android for smartwatches and wearables -- is getting Google Keep shortcuts you can add to your watch. The shortcuts will allow you to create notes and to-do lists.


The latest Android updates also include accessibility improvements. For instance, Chrome Beta users can now increase the size of content on their browser -- including text, images, video and interactive controls -- by up to 300% while preserving the page layout. This should help users with vision impairments. You can set your preferred content size as the default size from the Settings in Chrome.

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Meanwhile, Wear OS 3+ is introducing new sound and display modes to improve watch accessibility. Mono-audio should help limit disorientation caused by split-audio, while your watch display now offers color-correction and grayscale modes.

Google also said Google Meet now offers noise cancellation during calls on more Android mobile devices -- filtering out distracting background sounds while you talk. It also said that Fast Pair will soon be able to connect new Bluetooth headphones to a Chromebook with one tap. 

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