​Citrix launches APAC cloud management plane in Sydney

​Hosted on Microsoft's Azure, Sydney has become the third Citrix Cloud management plane location and is slated to serve the company's Asia-Pacific customers.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

Citrix has announced the launch of a new Citrix Cloud management plane that will service the Asia-Pacific South, hosted on Microsoft Azure in Sydney, Australia.

Speaking with ZDNet about the new location, which is the third globally to sites already set up in the US and Europe, Citrix Australia and New Zealand director of Cloud Services and New Business David Nicol said the company's local customers are among some of the most innovative in the world when it comes to cloud adoption.

"In terms of adopting Citrix cloud services, we are seeing one of the fastest adoption rates anywhere globally," Nicol said.

"Three of the top 10 cloud customers globally are based in Australia ... that's in terms of the number of active users that customers have on the service. So we're seeing very fast adoption."

With a local presence, Nicol said its near-100 Australia and New Zealand customers will see an improvement in performance of access in the environment, and said a geographically local site will also help many meet regulatory requirements.

"Customers that have -- particularly from government and finance industries, as examples -- they will I guess feel more confident in that any data relating to their Citrix services is remaining in country for security and compliance reasons," he continued, noting however that Citrix merely hosts the management plane or management components of the service and the customer has the choice of where they host the applications and data.

"So for any of our local customers, they would still host it in their datacentre or in a local instance of a public cloud environment. But what this announcement is adding is those management components that Citrix hosts will also be hosted locally."

While most of Citrix's local customers are medium-sized businesses, Nicol said the company does have some large enterprise and government customers consuming its cloud services.

"The feedback we've heard from the large enterprise and government customers has been that us hosting the services locally will make their adoption or gaining approvals to consume those services that much easier," he added.

Wednesday's announcement also includes the launch of the company's XenMobile service area and a ShareFile storage zone in Microsoft Azure datacentres in Australia.

As a result, the company now boasts three Citrix Cloud regions; eight XenMobile service regions; 20 ShareFile Storage Zones, including Australia, Japan, and Singapore; and 14 NetScaler Gateway points of presence.


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