Common Tater: Take charge of sports events and tech launch commentary

Go beyond the vanilla corporate commentators you get on TV, and at live stream product launches, with your own broadcast commentary that others may prefer.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Common Tater enables anyone to deliver live audio commentary for events and product launches. Anyone can broadcast or listen to alternative audio for events such as sports games, political debates, awards shows, and tech launches.

Common Tater: Take charge of sports events and tech launch commentary ZDNet
Common Tater

Users can take charge of their listening experience and listen to play-by-play commentators, political fact checkers, comedians, and uncensored super fans.

You can choose what you hear with what you're experiencing on TV.

The site is planning the first in a line of celebrity guests for the January 11th NCAA football championship.

The Portland, OR company has built a peer-to-peer streaming infrastructure to eliminate the bandwidth and hosting costs that usually crush media companies. Since September, it has been growing its user base and improving the platform to meet broadcasters' and listeners' needs.

Upcoming channels focus on Football, and the US Republican presidential debate. Featured "Taters" can be followed, and you can chat to them during their broadcast via the web UI. Broadcasts can be archived like these extracts from the Raiders v Titans and Broncos vs Bears game.

For witty, smart wise-cracking pundits who love to comment on the day's events as they happen, Common Tater could be a great platform for you to build a following from people who love your smart-aleck comments.

For people who have something to say -- and do not mind who hears it -- Common Tater will be another platform for them to get their brand across.

The platform does not seem to have serious investment, either by crowdfunding or seed. I also cannot find any apps so that we can listen on the go.

This means that Common Tater might become just another niche product appealing to those who stumble across the web site or its Twitter feed.

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