CrowdNuke crowdfunding community launches to help campaigners meet backers

A new crowdfunding community, Crowdnuke brings entrepreneurs and sources of funds together.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
CrowdNuke crowdfunding community launches to help campaigners meet backers ZDNet

The advent of the internet, mobile devices, and social media platforms have made crowdfunding a viable solution for entrepreneurs.

Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo enable entrepreneurs to promote their campaign and gather funds, so that they can realise their business goals.

Online crowdfunding sites have made their operations seamless, to bring together the funding needed to bring projects to fruition and scale social impact of the project.

This alternative finance which emerged from the conventional economic banking system often is the only funding available to the entrepreneur.

Now, a new platform plans to provide that connection to entrepreneurs and backers. New Delhi, India based company CrowdNuke is an online community platform especially for crowdfunders.

Founded by Devashish Biswas, the platform enables crowdfunders to meet likeminded fellow crowdfunding campaigners, network with other members, discuss campaigns, and ask for feedback to improve their campaign.

The platform is designed to be a dedicated portal for news and tips related to crowdfunding, and crowdfunding related resources.

CrowdNuke claims to be the only social network for crowdfunders.

Everyone who is trying to raise funds for a project could potentially use this platform.

They can connect with other members of the community to get assistance and mentoring for their crowdfunding campaign.

Campaigners can share details by private message, group messaging and ask for opinion on campaign details.

Press releases can be shared on the platform and entrepreneurs can access crowdfunding related news.

Crowdfunding pitch videos and tips for success are available.

Features include: a social networking platform for the crowdfunding community, a platform for campaign pre-launch discussion and marketing.

There is also a news feed, free PR and other resources.

The crowdfunding community is intended to be self moderating on CrowdNuke. The platform contains discussion and crowdfunding-related promotional activities.

Activities could include creative projects, tech start-ups, social causes including; film making, games, personal, medical, educational, travel, and charities.

The platform is intended for campaigners to be able to network with potential backers.

The purpose of the platform is to ensure that funds are not raised from groups of random strangers, but via a wide network that consists of first, second and third levels of personal linkage to the project creator.

A community which is powerful enough to meet the crowdfunding aims of these groups or individuals, reach fresh audiences, generate donations and produce social proof could be rather useful to the first-time entrepreneur.

Having a potent tool to mobilize networks and promote your new idea could be very powerful indeed.

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