Data center automation: 2 acronyms you should know

Today's data centers are using software and better integration across infrastructure to drive new efficiencies.
Written by Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief

Data centers remain the brain and nerve center of today's enterprises. The fact that many companies are migrating to the cloud doesn't change that fact--it just changes the geography.

But what is changing is that today's data centers need to be more software-based and better automated in order to take advantage of business needs for agility, scalability, and digital transformation.

If you want to understand what's driving data center automation, here are the two acronyms to start with:


The move toward the Software-Defined Data Center is using virtualization, containers, DevOps, and other advances to give IT a lot more flexibility and control over the backend systems that power the organization. Because software is some much faster and easier to adapt than hardware, this gives IT a lot more levels to pull.


Data Center Infrastructure Management software provides insights on servers, building facilities, and operational status to help optimize for radical efficiency in utilization, energy use, connectivity, and other resources that were previously split across multiple departments. Better managing and automating these resources allows IT to focus on adding more value with SDDC.

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Data Center Automation

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