Dell taking dedicated Isilon NAS instances to Google Cloud

Isilon NAS instances are available on Google Cloud Platform via an early access program.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Google and Dell have teamed up to offer Isilon NAS instances within the Google Cloud Platform, the companies have announced at Dell Technologies World on Monday.

Under the offering, Dell said it will provide 24x7 monitoring and maintenance to the dedicated Isilon instances, with management still happening under the OneFS interface.

By allowing companies to have dedicated hardware, Dell claimed it would alleviate data compliance and security concerns that may arise from workloads being in the public cloud.

EMC picked up Isilon Systems in November 2010 for $2.25 billion, before Dell bought EMC for $67 billion in August 2016 to create the largest privately-held technology company.

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Also announced on Monday, Google said it had added Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs to its cloud offering.

Users of Google's Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine are now able to use Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs as a beta release, and at the same time, the search giant has announced the general availability of Tesla P100 GPUs.

The V100 GPUs are available in us-west1, us-central1 and europe-west4 regions, with pricing starting from $2.48 per hour for on-demand VMs, and $1.24 for preemptible VMs. The cost of the P100 is now $1.46 per hour on-demand, and $0.73 hourly for preemptible VMs.

In a blog post, Google said single VMs can now have up to eight V100 GPUs, 96 vCPU, and 624GB of memory. The use of V100 within a virtual machine is limited to either 1 or 8 GPUs, with 2 and 4 configurations in beta testing, and for the P100, a single VM can have only 1, 2, or 4 GPUs.

Unlike the GPU announcement, there was no pricing available for using dedicated Isilon instances.

Last week Google announced a number of managed database improvements, including commit timestamps for Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable replication in beta, Cloud Memorystore for Redis in beta, and the general availability of Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.

Google beefed up the security tools on its Cloud and GSuite products last month.

Disclosure: Chris Duckett travelled to Dell Technologies World as a guest of Dell.

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