Dell Technologies says it's prepping customers for 5G and AI with new portfolio

New announcements include the new Dell EMC SD-WAN Edge, PowerSwitch enhancements, and updates to the company's hyperconverged infrastructure portfolio.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

Dell Technologies has unveiled a handful of new solutions aimed at equipping customers with the tech required to take advantage of "transformative" trends including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and security.

"This is the most exciting time I've seen in my 30 plus years in technology," Dell Technologies vice chairman of Products & Operations Jeff Clarke said during his day two keynote at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas.

"It's a digital world. The degree to which organisations harness the power of their data capital will determine the winners and losers in the digital economy. The whole point of our Dell Technologies portfolio -- from the edge to the core to the cloud -- is to help our customers innovate, meet these disruptive challenges head on, and win."

The company claims its new portfolio "touches everywhere data lives", with CTO John Roese saying it is the combination of edge, core, and cloud that is critical for innovation.

"These latest technologies can deliver the foundation customers need to create, process, transport, store, protect, and consume data -- wherever it lives," the company said in a press release.

Building on Monday's Unified Workspace announcement, the company on Tuesday said it was advancing its edge capabilities in the "next step of the data journey", which is at the enterprise edge or branch office.

Announced on Tuesday, the new Dell EMC SD-WAN Edge powered by VMware, available in July, will have VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud software as a subscription with Dell EMC hardware.

Similarly, Dell Technologies Consulting Services is also debuting three new services for customers adopting SD-WAN technologies: Advisory, Design, and Implementation.

With the core touted as being the operational hub for hybrid clouds, Dell Technologies has also introduced the renamed Dell EMC PowerSwitch portfolio which aims to simplify and speed up access to data and applications.

Essentially, it was renamed to point towards the direction Dell wants to take the appliance.

Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5200-ON delivers up to 2.5X the performance of previous models and is available in 12- and 24-port options. According to the company, it is ideal to modernise, automate, and transform networks for edge, storage, and HCI implementations.

Starting today, Dell EMC PowerSwitch S5248-ON will also support more performance-intensive and mission-critical HCI deployments, managed by VxRail with SmartFabric Services integration.


Dell EMC VxRail

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New additions and updates to the company's hyperconverged infrastructure portfolio were also announced, including the Dell EMC VxFlex appliance that is smaller and cheaper, but still allows for scale.

This addition comes as Dell EMC aligns its VxFlex OS-enabled HCI integrated systems under a common brand -- VxFlex -- which includes both the new VxFlex appliance and VxFlex integrated rack, formerly VxRack FLEX. The entire VxFlex family, which also includes Dell EMC VxFlex Ready Nodes, will also have the new Dell EMC VxFlex OS 3.0 software.

Dell EMC VxFlex integrated systems, including both the new appliance and rebranded integrated rack, and enhancements to VxFlex Manager will be available in July 2019; while Dell EMC VxFlex OS 3.0 is available for VxFlex Ready Nodes now and will be for VxFlex appliance and integrated rack in July 2019.

Dell EMC from May will also be offering early access to VxRail Analytical Consulting Engine (ACE) as part of VxRail HCI System Software as the company preps for its launch.

VxRail HCI System Software was also revealed as the new name of orchestration capabilities for automation, integration, management, analytics, and extensions exclusively for VxRail environments.

Dell Technologies also unveiled the new Dell EMC DSS 8440 server, a 2-socket, 4U server designed for machine learning applications and other demanding workloads.

Generally available in the second quarter 2019, the Dell EMC DSS 8440 uses a balance of accelerators, launching with 4, 8, or 10 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs and will boast increased performance for compute-intensive workloads such as modelling, simulation, and predictive analysis in scientific and engineering environments.


Dell EMC DSS 8400

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Disclaimer: Asha Barbaschow travelled to Dell Technologies World as a guest of Dell Technologies   

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