Dell Technologies to offer air-gapped ransomware protection via AWS Marketplace

Dell brings its air-gapped, remotely accessible cyber vault service to the AWS Marketplace as immediately deployable protection against ransomware and other cyber attacks.
Written by Michael Gariffo, Staff Writer

Dell Technologies announced the launch of its new Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS service on the AWS Marketplace.

The new offering is designed to serve as an air-gapped cyber vault that will "securely protect and isolate data away from a ransomware attack." The product's purpose is to provide a rapid recovery path from ransomware and other malicious attacks by maintaining a backup that is both physically and logically removed from any intrusions via an "automated operational air gap."

When an attack occurs, Dell promises to provide quick recovery via an untouched duplicate of the customer's data locked behind a customized, secured management interface. This layer of restricted access to recoverable data, according to Dell, protects customer assets by requiring an individualized, multi-factor authentication login before any physical connection is reestablished with the user's data. The result is a vault that remains completely air-gapped, yet remotely accessible when needed.

The company expects PowerProtect Cyber Recovery to integrate fully into customers' existing AWS assets through its availability as a solution that can be rapidly purchased and automatically deployed via the AWS marketplace. The remote cyber vault can also operate in concert with Dell's own catalog of other AWS solutions, as well as the thousands of other software offerings distributed via the cloud market, Dell said.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS is available now. 

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