Dell updates, adds to edge computing portfolio

Dell added new servers, a data platform and a micro data center to its edge computing lineup.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Dell Technologies rolled out a series of edge computing devices including a modular micro data center for rugged environments, servers for tight spaces and an architecture approach that blends cloud, edge and on-premises compute.

Matt Baker, senior vice president of strategy and planning at Dell Technologies, said that the company's portfolio reflects that edge computing has its own unique challenges such as constrained bandwidth and environments. But Baker added that edge computing is also part of a data processing continuum that includes cloud and data center.

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"Edge, core and cloud have to operate seamlessly with each other as part of a broader system," explained Baker. "But edge computing is defined by constraints and is more complicated than the data center."

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is aiming to capitalize on edge computing, a trend that will reshape everything from real estate to analytics and the Internet of things. As a result, more technology vendors will be creating rugged devices designed for multiple conditions. According to Gartner, 75% of enterprise data will be created and processed outside of data centers and cloud by 2022.

The company outlined the following edge computing systems:

Dell EMC Modular Data Center Micro 415, a pre-integrated system with power, cooling and remote management in a space the size of a refrigerator. The MDC Micro 415, available in the second half, has key lock doors, smoke detection options and fire suppression. The integrated system is designed to be in places like the base of a telecom cell tower.

Dell Technologies

Dell EMC Power Edge XE420 server, which is a two socket, low-latency system that can add up to four accelerators and 92TB of storage per server.  The server is designed for various temperatures, dusty conditions and easy field service access. The XE42 will be available in the US, Canada and parts of Europe starting March 31 with a global rollout in April. 

Dell EMC Remote Access Controller software, available now, brings remote access and server management to edge servers. The software is embedded and adds streaming analytics tools to understand edge servers. With the tools, enterprises can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data from the system.

Dell EMC Streaming Data Platform, which ingests and analyzes streaming data from edge systems. The platform is available now. 

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