DocuSign integrates eSignature tools into Workplace by Facebook

The integration is designed to streamline workflows and put e-signature technology with chatbots.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

DocuSign and Workplace by Facebook have integrated e-signature workflows into chat and throughout the social enterprise platform.

The integration is a win for both Workplace by Facebook as well as DocuSign, which is focused on its Agreement Cloud amid digital transformation efforts and remote work. Workplace has been gaining enterprise users at a rapid clip as it reaches frontline workers. Meanwhile, DocuSign becomes Workplace's e-signature platform. Both companies have momentum with large enterprises:

Jerome Levadoux, group vice president and head of DocuSign's eSignature business, said the integration was driven by large enterprise joint customers. The integration between Workplace by Facebook and DocuSign took about a year.

Levadoux added that DocuSign has integration with Microsoft Office and Google Cloud but Workplace by Facebook is the first collaborative enterprise app it has integrated with.

"The vision was driven by joint launch customers that have a large number of employees off email and needed to be more collaborative," said Levadoux. The integration, for now, includes DocuSign's eSignature tools but may include the broader Agreement Cloud in the future.

According to Julien Codorniou, vice president of Workplace, the crux of the integration revolves around Workplace's chatbots. "The chat interface of Workplace is the best way to interact with DocuSign. "The integration provides the best of DocuSign and Workplace," he said. "This integration takes us from communication to process and automation. It changes the profile of Workplace."

Key points:

  • DocuSign has a chatbot that is built into Workplace for quick access to the DocuSign eSignature app with a click.
  • The integration enables sending, tracking, and managing electronic agreements.
  • Notifications on agreement status available with Workplace.
  • Audit trails for agreements are archived in DocuSign.

According to DocuSign and Workplace by Facebook, human resources will be a key target market for the integration since enterprises are increasingly onboarding employees remotely. However, IT, supply chain, and legal are all enterprise functions that may find the integration handy. The returns on the integration will revolve around time savings.  

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