Don't like Evernote's new privacy policy? Here are five free alternatives

Now that Evernote will allow humans to sift through your data, it might be time to jump to a different provider.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Note-taking app Evernote has quietly changed its privacy policy to allow some of its employees access to user-stored content, as part of the company's effort to improve the service.

Users are, as you might expect, not happy about their data being open to snooping, and they are planning to vote with their feet (and data).

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But what services can take over from Evernote?

Let's look:

So, which should you choose? To be honest, that's one question I can't answer, so I suggest that you try what's on offer and see what fits best with your workflow. Microsoft's OneNote is an obvious easy option -- given that there's a tool to allow you to migrate your data from Evernote to Microsoft, but again, it's down to personal preference.

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