Dropbox: The new player in free password manager space

Already offering password management features to paid customers, Dropbox will soon roll out a free offering. But there's a catch.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Looking for a password manager? There's a lot of services out there to choose from, and next month there will be another kid on the block -- Dropbox.

Starting April, Dropbox will begin offering a free, limited version of Dropbox Passwords to anyone who has a free Dropbox Basics plan.

This free plan can be accessed from up to three devices.

The catch?

There's a limitation.

You can only store 50 passwords.

Need to store more and you have two choices -- go elsewhere, or subscribe to a Dropbox plan.

Another feature that Dropbox announced as "coming soon" is the ability to securely share any password with anyone. Not sure how useful a feature this will be (how often do you share a password?) but might come in handy for those Wi-Fi access codes or Netflix passwords.

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