Droplr makes collaboration effortless (​ZDNet Academy)

Store, share, and work with up to three users for 90 percent off.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

These days, data storage has become very cheap and much of it has integrated into the cloud. As such, the average consumer or small business no longer needs to keep data in physical locations. And with the advent of collaborative workspaces, many businesses and groups have transitioned to remote working, sharing files and updates via the web.

Following this trend, several companies have started offering file sharing and digital collaboration services. The problem: How do you know which service is right for you? Obviously every case is unique, but check out this case for Droplr.

What makes Droplr an elite choice for collaborative work is its simplicity. Through just an icon in your task bar, Droplr employs its full power and functionality. You can easily share screenshots or screen recordings -- as either a video or gif -- with other team members in a snap to communicate ideas more effectively.

Likewise, if you or someone on your team has made an error on a document or image, you can easily mark it up, change the privacy settings if it was sent to the wrong person, and redistribute a revised version within minutes. Long links? Droplr lets you shorten and share more manageable links and integrates seamlessly with apps like Slack, Jira, Hipchat, and many other communication services.

Unlike Dropbox and other cloud-based storage solutions, Droplr allows you to send and share files even if the other user has exceeded their storage limit. Additionally, it's highly capable at integrating with other third-party programs such as Photoshop, Twitter, and Google Docs. And with its online dashboard display, working concurrently with others is a breeze.

Now, projects are easier than ever thanks to the new Boards feature, allowing users to create a project inspiration board. Each board lets teams group tag files together in one easy-to-access location without hassle, making brainstorming a cinch.

Droplr is an excellent solution for startup teams as well as major enterprise teams, and right now you can get access to 10GB and full functionality for 3 users for just $39.99 for four years. Pick up this Droplr: 4-Yr Subscription today for 90 percent off.

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