Duolingo is now equipped with GPT-4: Here's what it can do for you

The language learning platform just got a major upgrade. Here's how it's getting in on the generative AI boom.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Duolingo Max on phone

Duolingo wasted no time announcing the integration of GPT-4 on its learning app, doing it on the very same day OpenAI unveiled GPT-4 to the public. 

GPT-4 is OpenAI's most advanced language model that can more reliably and intelligently output text. Duolingo is leveraging this technology to elevate your language learning. 

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Duolingo is introducing a new subscriber tier, Duolingo Max, which has two new features supported by GPT-4: Explain My Answer and Roleplay. 

Not understanding why you got a response wrong can be a frustrating and defeating experience when trying to learn a new language. The Explain My Answer feature is an attempt to solve that issue and to help to maximize your understanding of the language. 


With this feature, users will be able to chat with Duo after picking the wrong answer. Through the chat, users can ask Duo further clarification on why the answer was wrong and more examples to explain the topic further. 

Essentially, with this feature, you will have a tutor to chat with you and walk you through your mistakes at all times. 

The Roleplay feature allows learners to practice chatting in the language they are learning with someone, except that that someone is actually AI. No two conversations are alike to maximize your learning experience and resemble real world scenarios.

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Duolingo shares that the scenarios in the Roleplay feature are actually human-written, so you can rest assured that there is a human element behind the AI, too. 

After your conversation, Duo will offer you a Roleplay report which will give you constructive feedback as to what you can do better in your future conversations. Through these challenges, users will be able to earn XP, which is Duolingo's point system. 

Through this top-tier subscription, users will still have access to loved Super Duolingo features (the tier below) including unlimited hearts, no ads, and a Practice Hub. 

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Duolingo acknowledges that the AI might have its missteps so feedback from users and mistake reports are welcome. 

The new features will be available first for Spanish and French courses for English speakers on iOS, although it should be rolled out to more courses and platforms, such as Android and web, soon. 

Duolingo Max will be rolled out slowly to learners on iOS devices, and if you're eligible to try it, you will find it in the Shop tab, which can be accessed by clicking the gem icon at the top of your screen. 

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