Eufy debuts the X10 Pro Omni robot vacuum and mop at CES 2024

Eufy's newest two-in-one robot vacuum and mop was just unveiled - and it might shake up the high-end robovac market. Here's why.
Written by Elizabeth Mauder, Video Producer
Eufy X8 Pro closeup of the logo
Beth Mauder/ZDNET

At CES 2024, Eufy unveiled its latest robot vacuum and mop, the X10 Pro Omni, which is a two-in-one machine featuring dual oscillating mop heads, 8000Pa suction, and a hands-free docking station.

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Eufy typically makes machines that are more affordable when compared to similar brands, and this high-end robot looks to shake the market up with a starting price of $799.99. Compared to similar two-in-one machines that typically cost around $1,000 or more, this robot could bring high-end cleaning to more households. 

The X10 Pro Omni uses AI See to identify over 100 household obstacles, meaning your home doesn't need to be spotless every time you want to run or schedule the robot to clean. Eufy's iPath Laser Navigation allows the X10 Pro Omni to strategically map your home, so that it can run day and night. The company emphasizes data gathered from these two functions is never stored locally or in the cloud.


When I tested Eufy's previous model, the Eufy X8 Pro, its vacuuming performance stood out. I have no doubt that this high-perfomance technology will transfer to this model, too. Touting 8000Pa suction, the X10 Pro Omni should be able to handle anything and everything from pet hair and dirt to debris and food particles.


The X10 Pro Omni uses dual oscillating mop heads to scrub your floors. The robot can automatically lift the mop heads 12mm when it encounters soft flooring surfaces. An all-new edge-hugging feature allows the robot to vacuum and mop along your baseboards and furniture edges better than before.

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After the X10 Pro Omni has finished its work, the robot will return to its Omni Station, where the vacuum will automatically empty its dust bin, clean its mop head, and dry the mop head with hot air. Eufy says the Omni Station can hold clean water for up to seven days and it can hold dirt in the dust bag for up to 60 days.

The Eufy X10 Pro Omni will be available for purchase through both Amazon and Eufy's website on February 20, 2024. At $799.99, this two-in-one machine will sit at the lower end of the typical two-in-one machine price point.

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