Evernote for iMessage brings productivity enhancements to Apple's messaging platform

Apple iOS 10 includes many new features, including bringing an App Store to iMessage. Evernote is one of the first to launch with iMessage support, and I'm excited to test it out and make iMessage more productive.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Evernote

When I think of iMessage in iOS 10, I think of fun, silly ways to communicate with family and friends through heartbeats, stickers, sketches, invisible ink, and more.

Thanks to Apple's move to open up the App Store for iMessage, we will soon be able to use iMessage as a productivity platform and move toward using it as a centralized communication platform.

Today, Evernote announced the release of Evernote 7.17 that includes support for iMessage integration, enhanced 3D Touch, and an updated home and lock screen widget. With this new version of Evernote, you will be able to share Evernote notes within iMessage, and if the recipient also has Evernote, then the link will open within iMessage too.

With this iMessage integration, you can quickly and easily share project details, reminders, class notes, important websites, and more all from a central messaging platform.

The extended 3D Touch features include the ability to take a new note, take a photo, create a reminder, search Evernote, or share Evernote so that others can then install Evernote and gain the advantage of the iMessage integration.

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