Father’s Day tech gifts and accessories for under $100

Special gifts for Father’s Day in 2019 do not have to break the bank.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

It's that time of year -- a time to reward your dad (or even mom) in a small way, for raising, feeding, clothing, and supporting you.

As much as many of us would love to go all-out and get our father everything from an iPhone in solid gold or a 262-inch TV set, in reality, we need to consider options that are more budget-friendly. So, we rounded up a range of gifts, accessories, and tech that will complement your dad's man cave cooking efforts, travel activities, and love of retro. 

Best of all, none of the options will cost you more than $100, making them suitable as affordable gifts. 


Celestron Travel Scope for $72 (70mm size)

The Celestron Travel Scope could suit space enthusiasts and would-be astronomers this Father's Day. Consider this an entry point into the telescope field at an affordable price, with 50mm to 80mm lenses available for not only staring at the moon and stars but also for watching wildlife. Two eyepieces --10mm and 20mm -- are included. 


Amazon Echo Dot for $50

The Amazon Echo Dot is the younger sister of the Amazon Echo. Despite its small size -- and more affordable price point -- the Dot imbues many of the same features as its older sibling, including the Alexa voice assistant, the ability to access Skills, to tap into music and playlists, and pairing with both larger speakers and Internet of Things (IoT) smart home devices.


Audio-Technica Stereo Turntable for $100

One for dads who enjoy the sound of retro vinyl, Audio-Technica's Stereo Turntable is a modern, digital upgrade on the traditional turntable. It features a switchable phono preamp and RCA output for connections to a PC or home stereo system, one 45 RPM adapter, two output adapter cables, and either 33-/13 or 45 RPM speeds. A dedicated turntable input is not required.


Google Cardboard for $15

An interesting gift this Father's Day and one that can provide an entry into the world of virtual reality (VR) without spending a fortune is Google Cardboard. This unusual VR setup, which requires only a moment to assemble, connects with the Google Cardboard Android or iOS app to access thousands of VR apps, games, and videos, including YouTube VR.


Sony noise-canceling wired headphones for $40

If your father enjoys his music and is often on the go, a pair of noise-canceling headphones will likely prove to be a valued gift this Father's Day. While some noise-calling headphones can cost hundreds of dollars, Sony has a more budget-friendly version on offer. This wired headset claims to reduce outside noise including office chatter and train sounds by up to 95%.


Nix Advance digital photo frame for $80 (8-inch)

Father's Day is all about appreciating your dad and your family at large, and what better way to do so than incorporate loved ones into a gift? This can be achieved through a digital photo frame, such as those offered by Nix. The Nix Advance, available in 8-inch to 17.3-inch variants, is a digital frame that can be loaded up with family snaps and controlled through its remote control.


Smartphone-controlled paper airplane ($45)

A more unusual gift this Father's Day could take your dad back to the days of being at school while being something of a "boy's toy." This airplane is controllable via the Bluetooth function on a smartphone and an accompanying app. Simply fold the plane and watch it fly at up to speeds of 25mph. Users don't need to worry about crashing too much, either, as the "paper" is actually carbon fiber.


Ravuo laptop bag for $35

If your dad needs a stylish and functional way to transport his laptop, consider picking him up a Ravuo satchel this Father's Day. The affordable canvas bag, suitable for 14-, 15.6-, and 17-inch laptops, is water resistant, contains 14 pockets for odds and ends, and both zips and buckles up for security.


Google Home Mini for $50

The Google Home Mini is another affordable option for dads who like the idea of running a smart home but would prefer the Google ecosystem over an Amazon Echo setup. The device can be used to query the Google search engine by saying "OK, Google," integrates with your schedule, and can be used to access information including weather forecasts and the news.  

The Google Home Mini can also act as a central hub for controlling smart home products such as lighting and security cameras.


Anova Culinary sous vide precision cooker for $95

The Anova Culinary sous vide precision cooker is likely to capture the imagination of dads who are keen cooks over Father's Day. The kitchen appliance, connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, can be used to sous vide meat, vegetables, and fish, and is easily controlled by an accompanying app that will let users know when their food is ready.


Meater for $99

Another interesting gift this Father's Day for aspiring chefs is the Meater, a long-range wireless meat thermometer. Currently on sale over at Amazon, the device can be used at a range of up to 165ft to monitor meat temperatures and cooking with an Android/iOS app for perfect results every time.


Racing office chair for $80

If your father is frequently in his office and has a fondness for gaming on occasion, you may want to consider investing in a comfortable and supportive chair for him. This racing office chair, available from Walmart, includes a 360-degree swivel, an adjustable headrest, and a tilt lock.


Finger ring stand holder for $9

A small gift this Father's Day but useful for commuters is this finger ring stand holder -- a tiny kickstand that can be kept in a pocket or thrown into a bag for use while traveling. Available in four colors and equipped with an adhesive surface, the ring holder can be used to mount a smartphone or tablet with minimal fuss and no sliding.


Chillsner for $17

For an amusing and fun gift this Father's Day, Uncommon Goods is offering the Chillsner, a rather smart product that stops your dad's beer from reaching unacceptable, home temperature levels. Store the chiller in the fridge for a while, slot it into the bottle, and you can both drink and use the Chillsner at the same time.


Star Wars BB-8 USB car charger for $14

Dads who are Star Wars fans will enjoy the BB-8 USB car charger, a portable and fun way to charge devices compatible with a USB port on the go. Plug it in and two charging ports that provide 2.1 amps can be used to power up as much as two tablets at the same time. However, this product is only of use if the car in question has a 12V cigarette lighter accessory.


Nui portable power bank for $20

For a functional and practical gift this Father's Day, you could consider buying your dad a portable power bank. The 10,000mAh juice bar offered by Nui contains two USB ports and its slim design means it can be thrown in a bag and forgotten about until the user's mobile devices need a top-up. 


Fitbit Flex 2 for $77

For fathers interested in fitness, the Fitbit Flex 2 is a budget-friendly piece of technology that could prove very useful. The smart, wearable device that can be hidden in a bracelet is able to track steps, calories burned, movement over the day as well as sleep patterns to give wearers an idea of their overall activities and level of fitness. The Flex is also waterproof and so wearing it while swimming isn't an issue.

Once connected to the Fitbit mobile app, users can tap into their data to see how they are performing and find out which areas they could improve.


Roku Premiere for $40

After a long day, sometimes it is nice simply to rest on the couch and watch a television show or a movie. If your dad is the same, the Roku Premiere could be a valued gift this Father's Day. 

The streaming dongle can tap into the Roku Channel, subscription services including Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO NOW, YouTube, and a variety of other apps and services for accessing both movies and television shows in HD/4K/HDR.

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