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The internet can be an extremely dangerous place for children in any number of ways, but now you can provide them with the utmost security while still allowing them access to all the advantages it offers.



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There is an awful lot of danger lurking around the internet for children, and it can be difficult for parents to find ways to protect them in a way that allows access to the advantages while avoiding the perils. But Gryphon Tower: Ultra-Fast Security Router & Parental Control System offers an effective method of keeping kids safe from excessive screen time, inappropriate content, social media addiction, and more.

Gryphon Tower allows you to take back control of your children's online activities from anywhere you are with an Android or iOS app on your phone. You can create multiple users, limit the amount of screen time, set allotted times for homework and bedtime, even suspend internet use during dinner time.

The Gryphon Tower allows you to implement Safe Search to hide inappropriate search results and offers patented Crowd Ranking so you can see website ratings. You can view your child's browsing history even if they use Incognito Mode. If necessary, you can grant bedtime extensions or approval for a website in real-time, from anywhere.

In addition to parental controls, Gryphon Tower provides advanced internet protection with malware filtering, intelligent intrusion detection, scans for device vulnerabilities and more. In essence, you will have an extremely secure WiFi router that provides 24/7 protection and blazing fast speeds. Best of all, you get a three-month free trial of Gryphon Homebound, which allows you to take your parental controls and security anywhere, as well as a 12-month free trial of Advanced Internet Protection.

It's no surprise that Fatherly praised the system so appreciatively. It said:

"The new Gryphon Smart WiFi mesh system is the best parental control hardware around."

If you order today, the expected delivery times are running between December 16 to 21. Instead of suffering from exposure to the dangerous elements of the internet, your kids will be more receptive to fun ways of learning new things, such as this DIY coding kit.

Don't pass up this chance to get the best parental controls to protect your family, use coupon code GREEN20 today to get the Gryphon Tower: Ultra-Fast Security Router & Parental Control System for only $148.79 during our Green Monday sale instead of the $219 MSRP.

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