Global Warming Hoax--outted once more

Global Warming Hoax has a life of its own in media worldwide. Wonder why?
Written by Harry Fuller on

There is an almost daily outting of what deniers call the global warming (GW) hoax. Sometimes it exposes the alleged myth of humans causing the warming. Sometimes it's just a general expose of the corrupt scientists and their lackeys who are out to control everybody through fear. Somehow fear of global warming is far worse than fear of, say, earthquakes or suicide bombers on airplanes. Of course, there is much money to be made in airport security, and some to be made in earthquake safety. The underlying fear of global warming fear is that some large sectors of the economy will stop making so much money if anti-GW measures are taken. Here's a fresh expose of the "global warming hoax."

And the political drumbeat from the right is to get the UN out of the GW business and turn it over to profit-making corporations. Would those be the same corporations who oppose any emission reductions? Or would they simply be the corporations would who get rich moving every human structure to an altitude of at least 100 feet above sea level. After all, there's little profit in saving polar bears or penguins. Let 'em roast. Privatization of GW preps means relocating little things like London, Miami, much of Manhattan, Auckland, Singapore...you get the picture. BIG PROFITS. FOR DECADES TO COME. Imagine paying to air condition an entire city. Wow, that's real money.

One group defiant about GW: "Americans For Prosperity (AFP)." Subtle name, eh? Here's their website warning that this GW thing will wreck the economy. Unlike, say bank deregulation or buying billions of dollars worth of imported oil every month or maintaining military presence in dozens of countries or buying everything from China. The AFP on-the-road campaign against the GW thingie, leaving propaganda and carbon emissions in its wake: "Hot Ait Tour." Amen, brother, pass me the oxygen tank.


Here's an interview with author of book on the anti-GW PR campaign and who benefits.

This should all seem very familiar to any student of the history of science. Copernicus was opposed by leading prelates of his time. Copernicus's theory that the earth revolved around the sun was contrary to religious scripture and thus to be damned. Much like GW goes against the dominant economic scriptures of our day. Resources are to be exploited to the max, for profits to the max. Amen.

Blogged previously of Dr. Semmelweis, who made the mistake of trying to get doctors to wash their hands in the early 19th Century. Accursed was he.

And in this age, it is about the money though most GW deniers claim it is about science or the will to power of a cabal of supposedly power-crazed climate scientists. Here's a look at how the tobacco industry's campaign to protect their cigarette business from medical science. The first evidence of smoking's health damages came in the mid-19th Century. Big Tobacco's all-out self-defense began in the 1920s.

If you read about RJ Reynolds' work on its own behalf against the "anti-smoking hoax" you will see some similarity to the GW hoax accusations of our own generation. After all, "smoking can cause cancer" was the inconvenient truth of its time.


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