Google Checkout: Where's the love?

Who loves Google Checkout?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

UPDATEGoogle Checkout Blog reports its badges are now "better" or in other words, BIGGER! Google is hoping to attract searchers to click on Checkout "enabled" AdWords clients' "Sponsored Links". But, will it really make a difference in the overall Google Checkout "losing" scheme of things. As I put forth earlier in the week, Google is hard pressed to "enable" its AdWords clients with Checkout!

Is Google suffering from unrequited love this Valentine’s Day? 

Last week I pointed out “Google: Free Valentine’s Day gift for ‘Sweethearts’”: 

Through February 15, first-time shoppers on Google Checkout will receive $10 off a one-time purchase of at least $10. 

While Google is showering prospective Checkout customers with Valentine love, however, Checkout merchants are not returning Valentine love to Google. 

In “Google Checkout is a loser, really” I dissect how Google’s Checkout subsidies, for both customers and merchants, are taking a toll on Google’s financial performance. 

This Valentine’s Day may further put Google in the Checkout red, but not in a Valentine way! 

Google continues its free processing for merchants and is literally giving away Valentine's Day gifts to customers. What does it get in return? Apparently not many Google Checkout merchants!

A Google search for Valentine’s Day gift returns many AdWords retail “Sponsored Links” but none are sporting the Google Checkout badge.


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