Google Cloud integrates Kaggle with BigQuery

The integration of data science community with BiqQuery will enable customers use SQL more with machine learning and share their work.

Here comes the analytics buying spree. Who's next? The analytics software space is being consolidated quickly. Here's what it means for customers and why they should watch how the merger dance plays out. Read more:

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Google Cloud said it has integrated Kaggle with its BigQuery, enterprise data warehouse. Kaggle, which was acquired by Google in March 2017, specializes in Jupyter notebooks used by data scientists.

The integration allows BigQuery customers use fast SQL queries, train machine learning models in SQL and analyze in Kaggle's Jupyter notebook environment called Kernels.

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Google Cloud's Kaggle integration follows the acquisition of Looker. Large cloud providers are increasingly layering analytics and looking to court data scientists as well of line of business data consumers. For instance, Salesforce acquired Tableau and consolidation in the analytics and data science space has accelerated. 

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Other perks of the BigQuery integration with Kaggle include:

  • Kaggle Kernels access and ability to use an integrated development environment to hold data querying and analysis in one place.
  • Google Cloud and Kernels notebooks and scripts are linked via the BigQuery API Client library.
  • Kaggle's sharing platform.
  • Access to the Kaggle community of more than 3 million users to share data science and open source work.

Google Cloud customers can get started by enabling their BigQuery accounts in its sandbox and then signing up for a Kaggle account and using notebooks as an option. Google Cloud Next: Everything you need to know about the new strategy

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