Google Cloud launches Data Migration Service to land database workloads

The Database Migration Service is a serverless tool to migrate MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases to Cloud SQL with a few clicks.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google Cloud is launching its Database Migration Service (DMS), a serverless tool to migrate MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases to Cloud SQL with a few clicks.

Andi Gutmans, vice president of databases at Google Cloud, said DMS is designed for three popular use cases. The DMS is available at no charge for lift and shift migrations to Cloud SQL although there may be networking charges.

DMS is now in preview and supports self-hosted MySQL databases on-premises, in cloud and managed from other clouds. Support for PostgreSQL is available for limited customers in preview with SQL Server coming soon. Some of the pilot cusmters for DMS included Samsung Electronics, Adwerx and Cirruseo, a unit of Accenture. 

"There are typically three steps: Migration lift and shift, modernization and databases for new experiences," said Gutmans, noting that Gartner projects 75% of all databases will run in the cloud by 2022. "We want to make it as easy as possible and effortless to meet those migrations."

Gutmans said that enterprises are speeding up digital transformation efforts but migrating databases at different paces. Part of the reason database migrations to the cloud go slow is due to challenges with network connections, documentation and complexity.

DMS aims to automate documentation and nuances that can break data replication. "We provide a wizard experience to step through it and get from the source to the target database without any special setup," said Gutmans.

Key features in Google Cloud's DMS include:

  • Migration of on-premise databases with a few clicks and an integrated experience.
  • Serverless migration without provisioning or monitoring.
  • A native database replication engine to handle on-premise migrations and moves from other cloud providers.

How to use DMS

Customers can use the Database Migration area of Google Cloud under datbases and create a migration job. Steps include:

  1. Initiate migration creation;
  2. Define your source;
  3. Create destination (a Cloud SQL instance);
  4. Define connectivity method;
  5. Test your migration job. 

Here's a look at the documentation for DMS.


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