​Google Glass returns with Enterprise Edition: Why the rebirth, partner approach makes sense

Google Glass Enterprise Edition gets the company into industry-specific use cases and relies on partners. The approach can work in a nascent field.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google Glass is back as Glass Enterprise Edition, but don't confuse the launch as a zombie edition or a return from the dead for a derided product.

The storyline behind the Google Glass Enterprise Edition has already been formed. A flop has returned for the enterprise is one refrain. Another is that Google is pitching the enterprise because it couldn't make the consumer thing work.

Here's a dose of reality. Google Glass has been piloted in the enterprise for months. Google Glass Enterprise Edition is launching with real customers--Agco, DHL, GE and Sutter Health--but more importantly Android never really left the corporate field. Consider:

Enterprises in manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas and other fields have a lot of uses for augmented reality and have pilots as well as production deployments. Smart glasses can boost productivity and in a work environment you're not going to sweat fashion if there are real returns. In fact, smart glasses may be the enterprise entry point for the Android platform even as Apple launches ARkit. which will land its share of developers. Microsoft has HoloLens and Windows 10 hooks.

Why wouldn't Google play ball in augmented reality and smart glasses?

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Indeed, Google Glass Enterprise Edition can be a bundle with Google Cloud Platform as well as the company's other productivity tools. Rest assured Google Glass will ultimately tie into Google's AI and machine learning platforms at some point.

What's also notable is that Google Glass Enterprise Edition is being delivered to businesses via partners. A decent list of partners gives Google Glass Enterprise Edition exposure to multiple industries.

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