How Samsung tests its smartphones (and hopes to win back trust)

Samsung is keen to put that whole Galaxy Note 7 mess behind it.

Samsung, its reputation somewhat in tatters after the Galaxy Note 7 mess, which saw the handset go from launch to a coffin in eight weeks, is keen to win back consumer trust by outlining the extensive testing its smartphones go through to ensure quality.

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In what is likely part of a PR push ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has released a short video outlining the variety of tests the handsets go through to ensure quality and -- more importantly in a post-Note 7 world -- safety.

"Our phones are extensively tested, retested, and then tested again," the video says, and it ends with: "Innovation is our legacy. Quality is our priority."

Key to Samsung will be whether the Note 7 fallout casts a cloud over Galaxy S8 sales. Right now, the adoption rate for the Galaxy S7 handsets has held strong, but this handset has a proven track record. The Galaxy S8 is a new device and it might need to prove itself before consumers feel happy putting one in their pocket.

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