IBM launches Watson Works aimed at managing work's new normal amid COVID-19

IBM is the latest enterprise vendor to target work management software during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM launched Watson Works, a set of models and applications designed to manage workspaces, people and facilities as employees return to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watson Works is the latest effort from enterprise technology vendors to launch products designed for the new normal of work, which will be a hybrid model split between remote and on-premises. ServiceNow, Salesforce and Zebra Technologies are other companies in the mix.

According to IBM, Watson Works will be powered by artificial intelligence and models that will ingest information inside and outside of the company to make informed decisions.

Modules in Watson Works include:

  • Facility management and optimization using data from sensors, Bluetooth beacons, cameras and mobile phones to manage crowding, no-go zones, social distancing, cleaning and mask requirements.
  • Health tracking via data on local infection rates and trends, voluntary information submitted by employees, tests and risk metrics.
  • Virtual agents and communication tools for COVID-19 and human resources questions.
  • Contact tracing tools to trigger management workflows when a COVID-19 case appears.  
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