If an iPad Pro is a computer, what's an iPhone Pro?

Rumor has it that Apple will announce two so-called Pro iPhones? What does that truly mean?
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

Is this what your new professional camera will look like?

Screenshot by ZDNet

Being an amateur has its advantages.

There's less pressure on you to perform. There's a lower assessment of your abilities.

Yes, it can mean you don't get paid for your trouble, but don't we all just want to be happy?

These musings assault my soul because Bloomberg just released a strongly worded rumor that Apple is about to unveil two so-called Pro iPhones.

Let's be daring and assume they'll be called iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro's Bigger Friend.

The Pro designation is one that's been used by Apple for some time to separate the serious from the frivolous, the committed from the dabblers.

If you use a Pro tool, you're able to appreciate the delicate add-ons in a Pro machine and make use of them in your work.

Perhaps the apogee of the Pro mentality came when Apple released the iPad Pro. No longer was this a mere vassal of entertainment. Now, Apple insisted this iPad Pro was a computer.

As some -- including Microsoft -- laughed, Apple kept on and on trying to persuade you to dump its Macbook. Subliminally, of course. And wise, perhaps, given that it sourced its keyboards at piano stores that were closing down.

What, though, might a Pro iPhone entail? Other, that is, than a sleight of hand in an in-between iPhone year.

I took a look at the rumored attributes of these new Pro iPhones, and they're a touch strange.

It seems, you see, that these new Pro phones will look just like the iPhone XS. That doesn't seem all that riveting.

Ah, but the true value is, one assumes, beneath the hood. Or, rather, on the back of the phone.

Says Bloomberg: "The main feature of the Pro iPhones will be a new camera system on the back with a third sensor for capturing ultra-wide-angle photos and videos. The extra camera will let users zoom out and capture a larger field of view."

Ah. So this isn't a phone to help you do business more easily. It's a phone to make your Instagram feed look more enticing and your home movies step beyond The Blair Witch Project.

iPhone Pro buyers will apparently also glory in "significantly upgraded video recording capabilities." Just imagine how your Instagram Stories will arrest your 35 followers. And perhaps 20 more who stumble upon them by mistake.

This is what it means to be a professional these days? Well, some people make a lot of money on Instagram.

Yes, there are other rumored enhancements, such as better water resistance, more sophisticated Face ID, and the ability to charge your precious AirPods on the back of your Pro phone.

I can't help thinking, however, that if your iPad Pro is a computer, your new iPhone Pro is a camera.

That's exciting, isn't it?

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