iOS 10 wishlist: Features we want in Apple's next mobile OS

Since Siri has now let slip as to when WWDC is going to be held, we can begin to look forward to the next release of iOS, which we expect will be called iOS 10 or possibly iOS X. Here are a bunch of features that are on my wishlist for the new release.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Since Siri has now let slip as to when WWDC is going to be held, we can begin to look forward to the next release of iOS, which we expect will be called iOS 10 or possibly iOS X.

Here's what I'm hoping to see in the new release:

  • Better Siri: Right now, Siri is little more than a toy. It works often enough to be tempting to use, but not often enough to use reliably. Not only could Apple improve reliability and make the scope of its coverage broader, but opening out the platform to third-party developers would be a great way to expand on what it has to offer.
  • Multi-user support: Right now Apple is pretty much enforcing a "one device per user policy" by not allowing multiple users accounts on iPhones and iPads. While this isn't much of an issue for the iPhone, it's a real showstopper for the iPad, and could be preventing people from pulling the trigger on the purchase of a "family" or "communal" iPad.
  • More NFC goodness: The last two generations of iPhones have NFC support, but all you can do with it is use it to spend money via Apple Pay. There's so much more that's possible with NFC - from pairing devices to swapping contact details - and I'd like to see Apple starting to better leverage this technology.

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  • Make iCloud easier to use: Right now iCloud is buried in the settings. It should be much more accessible.
  • Better 3D Touch: While from a hardware point of view 3D Touch is impressive, the way it is implemented in iOS 9 is disappointing to say the least. There's so much more Apple could be doing with this technology to make iOS easier to use.
  • Default apps: Please Apple, let me choose the default apps I want to use on my iPhone and iPad. I use Google Chrome and Google Inbox, so having iOS default to using Safari and Mail is just plain annoying.
  • Customizable lockscreen: There's so much more that could be done with the lockscreen through the addition of widgets.
  • iTunes-free content management: It's 2016 but I still can't drag-and-drop content in iOS. Why? Every time I have to connect one of my iOS devices to iTunes, I hate Apple a little more.
  • More control for Night Shift: Allowing me the ability to turn it off automatically when certain apps are launched would be great, because it makes a real mess of some apps (such as in-car navigation or photo-editing apps).
  • Fix third-party keyboard support: Every third-party keyboard is slow, sluggish, and crashy. I find it hard to believe that this isn't down to iOS as opposed to the collective coding skills of the developers concerned.
  • Improved default keyboard: Adding swipe support for faster typing would be really nice.
  • Mouse support: At least for the iPad and iPad Pro.
  • Conference call FaceTime: Isn't it a bit strange that FaceTime calls are still one-to-one?
  • Split-screen/picture-in-picture on the iPhone: The iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus have enough screen real estate for this with some apps.
  • Dark mode: Night Shift is nice, but a global dark theme throughout iOS would also be nice, because the current theme destroys night vision.
  • Improved Do Not Disturb: This is a handy feature, but it could be made a whole lot smarter. Also, adding the ability to dump calls from "Unknown" callers would be great.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth management: List and prioritize networks, rename Bluetooth devices.

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