iOS 13: Your iPhone could also be your passport and ID card

iOS 13 will give open up the iPhone's ability to read more NFC tags… a feature that some Android smartphones already have.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

iOS 13 will give iPhones the ability to read more NFC tags, including those embedded into official documents and ID cards, expanding the feature away from just shopping.

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German tech blog iPhone-Ticker.de first spotted the announcement made by Germany's interior ministry that iOS 13 will allow iPhone users to load ID cards, residence permits, and even their biometric passports onto their smartphones.

Here is a translation of part of the announcement:

"Apple has now announced to open with the next operating system iOS 13 in the fall of 2019, the NFC interface. At the same time, the Federal Government's AusweisApp2, which can be used with iPhones, should be made available for free download in the Apple Store, so that the Online ID function can also be used with iPhones."

The Verge also reported that Japanese users will be able to load their "My Number" ID cards onto iPhones running iOS 13.

This is yet another small change that will make the iPhone an even more indispensable part of people's lives. The downside being that the loss, theft, or destruction of an iPhone will be an even bigger inconvenience.

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