Is your Google Chrome browser feeling slow? Here's how to speed it up in less than 5 minutes

Is your Google Chrome browser feeling slow and sluggish? Here are tried and tested methods for speeding it up that will take you less than five minutes.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

If you've been using Google Chrome for a while, you may feel that the browser has lost its initial pep and is now is feeling slow and kludgy. Here's how to get that speed back, and it will take you less than five minutes to do.

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 If you search online for tips to speed up Google Chrome, you'll come across reams and reams of pages suggesting all sorts of different things you can do. Problem is, no one wants to spend hours speeding up their browser since most of us have better things to do.

So, what's the best "bang for the buck" way to speed up Google Chrome? I've done a lot of testing, and I've found two things that you can do that really speed up Google Chrome. And best of all, all these tips should take you less than five minutes to implement.

So, go grab a coffee and let's speed up your Google Chrome.

The first step is to restart the browser. Yes, it's that simple. Close the browser and then restart it.

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Worried about losing all your open tabs? No problem, you can make sure that Google Chrome reopens all the tabs you currently have open as follows:

  • Type chrome://settings/onStartup into the address bar and hit ENTER
  • Make sure that the On start-up is set to Continue where you left off

That's it! You can now close and reopen Google Chrome and lot lose any open tabs.

OK, once you've restarted the browser, take a look at how many tabs you have open. If you have more than a dozen, then this is probably part of your issue, as open tabs take system resources.

You have two options:

  • Make better use of browser bookmarks - keeping tabs open as an aide-mémoire is a bad habit
  • Get a tab management extension - Three that I find to be good are OneTabSession Buddy, and The Great Suspender

Finally, Windows users should run a quick system scan for malware using Google Chrome's built-in scanner. To get to this, click on the three dots from the top-right of the browser, then click Settings and then Advanced. Under Reset and clean up click Clean up computer then Find.

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