Kronos, IBM partner on Watson bot amid broader AI push for human resources

Kronos and IBM will combine forces in an attempt to better retain and train hourly workers via a Watson powered bot. The effort comes as Kronos rolls out an AI engine for its Workforce Dimensions software.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Kronos will use IBM's Watson technology to serve as a career coach within its software as it also rolls out an artificial intelligence engine dubbed AIMEE.

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Via a partnership, Kronos and IBM will bring Watson Career Coach AI to hourly workers. Watson will be delivered via a private bot that works via workers mobile devices.

IBM said the Watson bot will learn from the employee and interact to develop, train and ultimately retain workers. Hourly workers have high turnover rates and Kronos is hoping to use its software, which touches 40 million hourly workers a day, to help customers retain them.

Kronos and IBM said they will collaborate to bring together next-gen technologies in Workforce Dimensions by Kronos and IBM Watson Talent. Specifically, the custom Watson Career Coach will work off of Kronos Workforce Dimensions data to help manage the workforce including shift scheduling, training recommendations and coaching. IBM will join the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner program.

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Kronos also rolled out AIMEE, which stands for Artificial Intelligence for Managers and Employees. AIMEE is at the center of a series of updates to the Kronos Workforce Dimensions suite.

According to Kronos, AIMEE is designed to analyze organizational data in real-time to provide insights to managers and employees. The AI system is also geared to predicting flight risk, high-potential employees, fatigue and succession planning.

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AIMEE also has personalized schedules to better balance work and life. For managers, AIMEE also flags schedule change conflicts and how they affect KPIs and overall scheduling accuracy.

Here's a look at the Watson bot within Workforce Dimensions.


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