Samsung and KT succeed in compressing 8K broadcasting

Samsung and KT SkyLife used a satellite's Ka band to send 8K video data to a TV on the ground.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

8K broadcasting may just be around the corner; the technology is there but mass commercialisation will need momentum, which vendors hope the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 will provide to boost demand.

Image: Samsung

Samsung and KT SkyLife have successfully trialled 8K resolution broadcasting using the latest data compression standard, the companies have announced.

The two used South Korea's Cheollian satellite to perform the test, with KT SkyLife using the satellite's Ka band to transmit 8K video.

An antenna on the ground received the signal, and decoded and transmitted the data in real-time via HDMI to a 82-inch Samsung QLED TV.

The companies used the H.265 standard, which is 50% more efficient than the H.264 standard, to compress the video data.

The data was transmitted using the DVB-S2x satellite digital broadcasting standard.

Samsung and KT SkyLife said the success of the trial shows that 100Mbps-level 8K satellite broadcasting is possible and commercially viable.

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Samsung and KT's broadcasting subsidiary first showcased their 8K broadcasting technology last year on the former's 2018-model QLED TVs.

Last week, Samsung also filmed football matches with 8K cameras and vowed to provide more content using the next-generation resolution.

The company was also the first to commercialise 8K resolution and vowed to control over half of market share in the sector earlier this year. Samsung's rival LG, meanwhile, is also rolling out its 8K OLED TVs which became available this month.

Vendors are gearing up to showcase their 8K technology at the Tokyo Olympics next year., which will likely give the much-needed momentum for mass commercialisation.


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