KT launches service robot in hotel

KT's N bot can get on elevators on its own to deliver goods to guests at their rooms.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

KT's N bot will deliver goods such as bottled water and towels to guests at their rooms.

Image: KT

South Korean telco KT has launched service robots at a hotel in Seoul that can deliver goods to guests in their rooms. 

The carrier's robot, dubbed N bot, can be summoned by guests to their rooms at Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun Hotels & Residence.

They can use voice command or touch on designated handsets to list the goods that they need, such as towel and bottled water. N bot will carry the requested goods and get on elevators on its own to deliver them to guests.

The robot can do this by being connected to the elevators wirelessly, and having 3D spatial mapping and autonomous driving technologies developed by KT, the company said.

The service is currently available in a hundred rooms at the Novotel hotel but the telco said it will expand this going forward.

N bot will also roam the hotel lobby at Christmas time to give special gifts to guests who have checked-in, the carrier said.

KT hopes the robots will allow hotel staff to better manage resources to improve quality of services to customers. 

The company is also providing AI translation services at Novotel that allows guests to access available services and control their room settings. It supports English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Last month, compatriot LG installed a noodle-making robot at a South Korean buffet franchise.

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