Leaked: Samsung One UI is getting some of Pixel's best features with these AI upgrades

Here's something for Samsung Galaxy fans to look forward to.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in hand
June Wan/ZDNET

When the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were released, one of the selling points was exclusive access to Android 14's new AI-generated wallpaper designer.

But now it looks like Samsung users will be joining the fun -- and getting several other AI additions as well.

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X (formerly Twitter) user BennettBuhner shared a number of leaked screenshots over the weekend from Samsung's upcoming One UI 6.1 release and among them were generative-AI wallpapers. 

The leaked screenshots look nearly identical to Google's wallpaper generator, with only minimal differences between the two -- meaning that Samsung isn't getting its own version of the concept, but likely Android 14's version that was previously limited to Pixel users. Just like Google's generator, the screenshot of the alleged Samsung one has the user create a text description that's then turned into art. 

Leaked screenshots also showed that a Google account will be required to use the AI wallpaper generator, further solidifying that it is Google's own tool.

And that's not the only Pixel-style feature headed to Samsung. Leaked screenshots also pointed to the ability to relocate an object in a photo similar to Google's Magic Editor, the ability to add AI-generated weather effects to your lock screen to match real-life weather, and the option to expand an image with AI to add non-existing details.

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Samsung Notes is getting an AI upgrade with auto summarization that turns lengthy blocks of text into bullet points, plus the ability to format handwritten notes after converting them to text. 

Perhaps the biggest feature is live translation of voice calls, where voice is translated to another language for both persons on the call. This feature was actually already announced by Samsung, but it's nice to see it in the works. 

Users might not have to wait too long to start testing out the new features, as it's expected that the next version of One UI will be released alongside the launch Samsung's S24, which could come as early as January. 

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