Lenovo's new Go accessories focused on improving hybrid work productivity

A new wireless mouse and power bank have been unveiled as part of Lenovo's new hybrid workforce PC accessories lineup.
Written by Campbell Kwan, Contributor
Image: Lenovo

Lenovo has announced a new lineup of PC accessories, called Lenovo Go, that will be designed specifically for people working in a hybrid workforce.

Designed to "efficiently bridge the gap between office, home, and in between", Lenovo claimed that the new Lenovo Go accessories would make it easy to work from anywhere.

The company will initially release two products as part of the new lineup: A wireless mouse and laptop power bank.

Looking at the mouse, the Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse can be paired with up to three devices and users will be able to cycle between them through a button. In addition, the mouse can either be charged wirelessly, through Qi-standard chargers, or via a USB-C cable. Details about the mouse's battery life were not revealed as part of the announcement, however.

Meanwhile, the new Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank is a portable 20,000mAh charger that can deliver power at 65 watts. The power bank can charge up to three devices simultaneously, either wirelessly or wired.

While Lenovo said it has plans to release headphones with active noise cancelling and a wireless keyboard as part of this new lineup, they will not be part of the initial rollout.

The company said it would announce Lenovo Go's audio solution later this year.

People living in the US will be able to get their hands on the new mouse and power bank in June. For Australians, both devices will be available in July.

At the start of the year, Lenovo said hybrid work environments, which have increasingly become the new normal, would need technology that is transportable as people will use various workplaces, but not necessarily be "mobile". Due to this, the company said it was developing devices that have a small form factor while still providing "full performance, full connectivity, and full security" to address this shift.

During Lenovo's most recent quarter, the company said it posted "record" results, with group revenue climbing by 22% year-on-year to $17.2 billion due to work, learn, and play-from-home culture becoming more normalised around the world. 

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