Lenovo's ThinkBook Wireless Dock empowers an increasingly mobile work lifestyle

With wireless connectivity and charging, Lenovo's ThinkBook Wireless Dock ushers in a new era of flexible connectivity and cable-free workspaces.
Written by Christina Darby, Associate Editor
Lenovo's new Wireless ThinkBook Dock next to a ThinkBook 13 Gen 2 notebook.

Tucked in among Lenovo's many CES announcements of new laptops, PCs -- and even a smartphone -- was the unveiling of its Lenovo ThinkBook Wireless Dock. 

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The ThinkBook Wireless Dock is a combined biometric security solution and docking device that allows your laptop to wirelessly connect a pair of 4K monitors at 60Hz via dual HDMI ports.

To power the Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity the dock uses for its high-resolution displays, Lenovo and Synaptics noted they have equipped it with two SYN43752 Wi-Fi radio chips.   

Eliminating the need for power cables, the dock provides two wireless chargers, one a 45W charging surface designed exclusively for the ThinkBook 13 X Gen 2, the other a 10 W charging mat for smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things) accessories. 

ThinkBook wireless dock showing it's connection to a laptop and two monitors.

The dock integrates both wireless charging and data, eliminating cable chaos. 


The wireless dock is powered by tech from Synaptics which is also being integrated into a Targus wireless docking station that will feature 100W PD, fingerprint ID scanning, and will work with other brands of laptops. 

"The ThinkBook Wireless Dock represents our vision of frictionless computing for hybrid environments by allowing users to simply walk up to a desk and be immediately productive without unraveling wires or looking for a plug," said Su LiJun, VP & GM of Accessories & Emerging Technology at Lenovo. 

"We are excited to have a partner like Synaptics with its proven DisplayLink wireless docking technology to ensure those users have the best possible display and peripheral connectivity experience."

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This dock could be a viable solution for today's workers who are moving between conference rooms at work and switching between docking at their desk with a big monitor and working from the couch or kitchen table at home. 

If it lives up to its potential, a tool like this could be a better, more flexible option than today's USB-C docking solutions

According to Synaptics, people anxiously waiting to use the dock can expect it to be available in June of 2023 alongside select ThinkBook 12x Gen 2 notebooks. 

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