LG CNS develops USB detector for X-rays

The company's AI software can detect USB memory sticks in bags and coats from X-ray images.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG CNS has developed artificial intelligence (AI) software for use in X-ray machines to detect USB memory sticks, the company said.

The software will analyse X-ray pictures of bags and overcoats taken in company gates to detect them, the company said.

The process is done within 0.3 seconds and the software, besides USB memory sticks, will also detect memory cards and hard disks with 99% accuracy, it added.

It can also detect larger devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, cameras, and e-books.

The software will save companies costs and increase efficiency at gates to prevent sensitive information from leaking, LG CNS said.

The software has so far studied over 50,000 X-ray pictures but it will continue to improve its accuracy when used in operation, it added.

LG CNS has so far applied the software for gates to the offices of its affiliates LG Display and LG Chem.

It will also be installed in gates at Incheon International Airport within the first half of next year, it added.

LG CNS has been launching various services that increase company gate security and efficiency.

In February, the company launched an AI facial recognition service that allows employees to pass through gates without stopping. In 2018, it launched an automatic access card solution for guests to company facilities.

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